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With more than 50 semester and academic year programs to choose from, Marist Abroad offers a vast array of study abroad options. 

Marist Abroad offers a variety of study abroad experiences that support a broad range of educational objectives, with program offerings on six continents. We offer semester, full academic year, and short-term study abroad programs, enabling Marist students of any major to study abroad and graduate according to their planned schedule.

Can’t find your desired study abroad destination and program? The Program Petition Process offers instructions to request review of a program not currently approved by Marist Abroad.

Thank you for your interest in our abroad program. We look forward to working with you toward your goals in international education!

About global learning with Marist Study Abroad
"Be more than a tourist: Experience what it means to live and study abroad!"

About Marist Abroad

Marist Abroad Programs in the Open Doors Report

When compared against Master's Colleges & Universities, Marist is ranked:

  • 3rd for the number of students engaged in long-term study abroad (full academic year)
  • 4th for the number of students engaged in semester study abroad
  • 9th for the total number of students participating in study abroad programs
  • 17th for the rate of undergraduate participation in study abroad programs
Woman studying abroad
"There I was, standing 30 feet above the water, my toes curled over the ledge, about to jump into a frighteningly beautiful ocean trench in Samoa!"

The Globetrotter

Students themselves are the best ambassadors when it comes to spreading the message about the value of study abroad, as well as the appeal of particular programs, whether through word-of-mouth or “The Globetrotter,” the Marist Abroad magazine, where students share their experiences and advice from abroad.

Read the current issue, and see an archive of past issues, of The Globetrotter.