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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Career Impact for MPA Alumni and Students

We're fortunate to have an inspiring group of professional advisors and successful alumni behind the MPA program and incorporate their diverse wisdom and perspective into our program. As a student, you have access to Marist alumni from your first day and you can be certain that whenever you have questions or seek advice, they will respond. 

Employment Outcomes for MPA Students

The Marist MPA program's graduating student survey gathers information about student employment, as part of its assessment process. The 2018-2019 graduate student survey had a total of 62 respondents from the 81 graduating students. Of the 62 respondents, 13% (n=8) enrolled in classes at the Marist main campus in Poughkeepsie, 10% (n=6) enrolled in classes at the NYPD Police Academy, 8% (n=5) at the NYS Police Academy, and 69% (n=43) enrolled in classes online.  Of the 91 students who began the Marist MPA program in the 2013-214 academic year, the 2-year graduation is 5% and the 4-year graduation rate is 78%.

Of the responding graduating students in the 2018-2019 academic year, 7% worked at the national level, 18% worked at the state level or a regional authority, 44% worked at the local level (city, county or other local government), 21% worked for domestic nonprofit organizations, 2% worked for international nonprofit organizations, and 10% worked in the private sector (with 24% unknown). 

In total, 100% of the responding graduating students in the Marist MPA program reported that they were employed in 2018-2019.


“Since earning my MPA I have a much keener sense of how meaningful my work really is within my community, and how the decisions made by public managers impact the daily lives of others. Simply put, the Marist MPA program makes us better public servants – and there’s never been a greater need for that in our country than there is today.”
Marc S. Nelson, MPA '18
City Administrator for the City of Poughkeepsie, NY


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Organizations, Agencies, and Non-Profit Groups with Marist MPA Alumni

A partial list of the organizations where our alumni are currently employed includes the following:

  • American Heart Association
  • Red Cross
  • NY City Police Department and NY State Police
  • Various City/Town Governments
  • Military, Department of Homeland Security
  • Not-for-profit Agencies
  • Higher Education
  • Local Hospitals

MPA Student Profile - Class of 2018

MPA Student Profile - Class of 2018

Total Applications: 143
  Enrolled Students: 63
  Average Age: 36
  Range of Ages: 21-61  
  Students with 2+ Years of Work Experience: N/A
  Average GRE: Quant Range: 140-152; Average: 146  
  Average GRE: Verbal Range: 146-157; Average: 152  
  Average Undergrad GPA: 3.21

Class Statistics

Men: 48.1%
Women: 51.9%
New York Residents: 83.4%
Out of State Residents: 16.6%
International Students: 0.0%


Black or African American: 19.9%
Hispanic: 12.9%
Native American: 0.0%
Asian: 2.9%
Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Two or More Races: 2.1%
White: 56.0%
Unknown: 6.2%

Average Class Size: 22

Graduation Rate Information

NASPAA 2012-13 Graduation Rates

Graduated in 2 Years: 11.4%
Graduated in 4 Years: 70.5%