English Department

English Department

There is no prototypical English major at Marist. In fact, the major is made up of individuals who have decided against placing themselves into one narrow category. Our majors are actors and poets; scientists and scholars; editors and artists. In many cases, our students combine their major with one or more minors in areas that interest them, such as Digital Media, Environmental Studies, or Gender Studies. Students are encouraged to complete internships during their college career, and international study fuels our majors' curiosity and knowledge base. 

The English Department at Marist is designed to help you develop your talent and versatility as a writer; to immerse yourself in imaginative literature; to collaborate on creative work with faculty and your peers. In the English Department, we believe that the best way to prepare for the future is to have a firm grounding in literary and literacy traditions and a strong set of skills in reading, thinking, analysis, and writing. At Marist, you can work with a diverse group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and professionally active faculty, along with a large group of engaged majors and minors, to study the past, present, and future of the English language.

As detailed below, English majors choose concentrations in Literature, Writing, or Theatre. A common sequence of foundation courses and substantial overlap between the concentrations creates many opportunities for students to collaborate with one another and with many different faculty members.

Internship Opportunities

Marist English majors take part in a wide variety of experiences as interns. Recent placements include:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Major media outlets (such as CBS, NBC, and the Fox network)
  • Prestigious law firms
  • Magazines, both local (Hudson Valley Magazine) and national (Marie Claire, Mad Magazine)
  • Nonprofit organizations, including arts groups such as drama companies and poetry societies
  • Nickelodeon and other TV stations
  • County and state legislatures

Our Writing Center also offers one-on-one sessions to assist students with any part of the writing process.

Programs of Study