Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of Science in Information Systems

Design, Develop, and Analyze Cutting-Edge Information Systems

Companies need professionals who possess a balanced combination of technical and managerial skills. You can meet that need with the MSIS program at Marist. The MSIS program provides expertise and experience in information technology and systems, information resources management and strategy and a broad variety of leading-edge technical courses. MSIS graduate degree courses are real-client based to enhance consultative skills and experience, making students more marketable in the world’s increasingly technology-dependent organizations.

  • Based in the Computer Science and Math Department, the MSIS program gives you hands-on computer experience that employers prefer.
  • Courses can be taken completely online or in a classroom setting at our Poughkeepsie campus.
  • The Virtual Computing Laboratory lets you log into Marist’s computers and access software from anywhere with your PC and high-speed internet access – putting the hardware you need at your fingertips and eliminating software compatibility challenges.
  • Customize your Master’s degree by choosing from three concentrations:

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Chaithanyakrishna Noti MSIS '17

Chaithanyakrishna Noti MSIS '17Keeton Industries
International Aquaculture Account Executive

Every course was meaningful and helped significantly to grow my skills. To be specific, Systems Design, Information Systems Policy, Project Management, and the MBA courses were exceptionally helpful for gaining insights. I am now managing International Sales operations and involved in information technology operations for Keeton Industries in India.