Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics

Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics

Explore and Analyze Data Online or On-Campus

Part-time – Two Semesters – Courses from the MS in Information Systems degree

Experts who can manage data are in demand in business, industry, and government. The Marist Business Analytics certificate does not require a computer science or technology background and may be of strong interest to those students working in advertising and marketing, health care administration, business strategy, research, or finance. Individuals working in these employment sectors who wish to stay competitive in their field can do so by deepening their knowledge of Business Analytics.

  • Learn how to access and manipulate data, apply analytical techniques to extract information from data and use it to predict future trends and behavior patterns.
  • Hands-on assignments and projects let you build databases, manipulate data, and derive the analysis you need.
  • Explore the open-source statistical computing software R and learn how to compile information with many industry-specific add-ons. Implement R in your current job with no capital expenditure – with excellent results.
  • Hone your statistical analysis skills including probability concepts, important distributions, descriptive statistics, graphical analysis, and inferential statistics.
  • Discover applications you can implement in your business to make a difference today.
  • Optimize your skills in data mining, including data exploration, data preparation, classification, regression, clustering and more.
  • Study with seasoned faculty and respected industry representatives.

Advance Your Business Analytics Skills In:

  • Data Mining
  • Business Performance Management
  • Decision Making
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Data Management 
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Management Science 
  • Predictive Analytics






Skills and Career Potential For Business Analytics Graduates

  • Data Analyst
  • Director of Research
  • Data Scientist
  • Project Manager
  • Market Analyst
  • Scientific Researcher
  • Statistician
  • Web Analyst
  • E-Commerce Analyst
  • Market Researcher