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The Nelly Goletti Music Collection

Throughout her distinguished career Nelly Goletti continued to innovate, first at the Paris Conservatory then as a prolific composer and headlining entertainer throughout Europe. On this side of the Atlantic, she was a prominent performer in television's early days and a sought-after talent by the Hollywood film industry. The work of a lifetime is now preserved at Marist in The Nelly Goletti Music Collection. Encompassing more than 300 musical compositions, the collection also includes materials which interpret Miss Goletti's career and many achievements. In the years to come, use of Miss Goletti's work by Marist students and faculty will help insure the meaningful remembrance of this uniquely talented woman.

Miss Goletti is also memorialized on campus through the Nelly Goletti Theatre, home to the on-campus performances hosted by the Music Program, and Nelly Goletti Scholarship, given to an outstanding student musician from their sophomore through senior year. 


Robert Hoe V Collection - "Heritage of the March"

Image of Robert Hoe VRobert Hoe V spent his life devoted to concert and military band music—discovering it, recording it, and sharing it with others. A successful businessman and philanthropist who lived in Poughkeepsie, he started his musical journey as a boy playing the cornet. He switched to the euphonium in college and became enamored with band marches. Subsequently he assembled the world’s most revered private library of sheet music in that genre. He traveled the world collecting it, financed recordings of it by some of the world’s most renowned bands, and mailed these recordings to other enthusiasts at his own expense. Now, through an unusual collaboration involving his heirs, Marist College, and the Library of Congress, his painstakingly collected internationally renowned library will be digitized and made available to the public.

The physical collection, currently stored in an office in one of the Hoe family businesses, will be housed in the Library of Congress.  The Robert Hoe Music Collection consists of sheet music for marching and concert bands written by a plethora of well-known composers. Significant components of the collection include original John Philip Sousa manuscripts and parcels of the band libraries of two historically renowned bandmasters, David W. Reeves and Alfredo Tommasino. The collection contains more than 50,000 titles of music, well in excess of 250,000 parts or pages to be digitized. The library also contains phonograph record albums produced by Hoe, their master recordings, additional recordings on audiotape, and correspondence from researchers and music aficionados from around the globe, all requesting access to the collection.