Integrated Marketing Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication program?

The IMC program typically draws from one of the three following areas:

  • Those working in advertising, brand management, corporate communication, marketing, public relations and sales
  • Those working in other fields, but who have some background in an IMC-related discipline and who are seeking a positive career change
  • New graduates with a Bachelor's degree in IMC-related disciplines, such as advertising, public relations and marketing
  • Read more about who should apply for the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication program.

When is the application deadline?

Those interested in fall enrollment should apply by August 1. Spring applicants have a December 1 deadline.

What is the cost of the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication program?

The current tuition rates may be found by visiting the Tuition & Fees page.

Are any types of financial aid available for prospective students?

The Office of Student Services will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education. Information for applying for aid, tuition and fees, and types of aid can be found on our Tuition and Finances page.

Read more about financial aid available to students in the M.A. in IMC program.

How are the courses formatted and how long will it take to complete the curriculum?

  • There are two rounds of courses, each lasting eight weeks, in fall and spring semesters. Two rounds are offered in summer, each lasting six weeks.
  • Full-time students will generally take four courses in fall and spring (two in each round), and two courses in summer (one in each round).
  • Part-time students will generally take two courses in fall and spring (one in each round) and one in summer of each year.
  • Full-time students starting in fall should be able to complete the program the following summer.
  • Part-time students starting in fall should be able to complete the program in two years.
  • Learn more about the course formatting and completion time for the program.

What type of support services are offered for students in the IMC program?

The following support services will be offered:

  • Students will be assigned an academic advisor.
  • Students will have access to the Marist Help Desk for any kind of technical help that they may need.

Are internships offered through the IMC program?

Faculty and staff will work with students to secure non-credit internships/work experience with New York City industry professionals as a way to enhance the student experience beyond the standard Integrated Marketing Communication curriculum. Visit our Internships page for more information.

Can international students apply for the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication program?

Yes. Since this a fully online program, students located in any part of world can enroll in this program. In addition, because the program is asynchronous, students can access the course materials and join chat room discussions at any time.

How do I obtain my books if I am completing an online program or course?

Textbooks can be ordered online and shipped through the Marist College Bookstore. Read more about obtaining textbooks for Marist's online classes.

Are there services to help me find a job?

The Marist College Office of Career Services can provide students with assistance in job placement throughout the course of their enrollment in the program and upon graduation from the program. Additionally, the School of Communication & the Arts maintains a career opportunities page for interested students and alumni.

Are there organized networking and career development opportunities outside of the classroom?

Yes! IMC advisory board members are leaders in the industry. The MA in IMC was created in collaboration with industry professionals. Marist has a long history of undergraduate placement in the industry, which will be carried over into the IMC program. 

Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in Communication or business/marketing to pursue my M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication?

While an undergraduate degree in communication or business/marketing is preferred, it is not required. Applicants looking to make a career change are encouraged to apply. 

How do online courses work for the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication?

Typically, instructors will utilize a variety of teaching methods to demonstrate and explain various theories, concepts and principles. Here are a few overarching guidelines:

  • Lesson plans typically include readings, examinations, different kinds of writing, online discussion, and sometimes working with peers on projects.
  • Readings, like all other assignments, are assigned in advance and detailed on the course syllabus.
  • Examinations are not present in every class. The classes that do have exams vary widely in how they are administered. Some of the exams will be multiple choice, some are short answer/essay, while others are a mixture of all of the above. The purpose of these exams is to test a student's overall knowledge of the subject material.
  • In most courses, students will be assigned a variety of writing assignments -- ranging from short paragraph
    assignments to full research papers or case study analyses. The goal in some classes is the production of a
    research paper, while in other classes a cumulative project may be required to demonstrate your knowledge
    and understanding of course material.
  • Online courses also include online discussion forums. Forums are a way to encourage interaction between students and between students and faculty. Individuals discuss and debate key points in the course. Often, these forums are graded and are a requirement for a class.

How do I access my online class?

To access your online class, you must go to:

From here, you log into the iLearn system. One of the benefits of the online world is that you can attend a class as a student, from anywhere in the world and at any time that is convenient to you. Also, your faculty member can teach the class from anywhere in the world. Read more about accessing online courses through the iLearn system.

What kind of operating system and web browser will I need to access iLearn?

For optimal performance, we recommend using the following:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000, MAC OSX 10.2.x and later.
  • Hardware: 512MB of RAM.
  • Web browsers: We recommend using the latest versions of either Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Note: Marist's iLearn does NOT support the Camino, Opera, Chrome, or Safari Web browsers.

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