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Film, TV, Games, and Interactive Media Department

Course Requirements for Minors

Digital Video Production Minor

The Digital Video Production Minor is open to all majors and is designed to give students fundamental knowledge and experience in production and writing for various media. It is an ideal minor for students majoring in fields where having solid production skills will give them a competitive edge, such as Communication majors with Journalism, Sports Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations concentrations.

Required Courses

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox

MDIA 203 Video Production

Select three:

MDIA 201 Writing for Media

MDIA 301 Screenwriting for Film & TV'

MDIA 302 Editing

MDIA 304 Audio Production

MDIA 305 Lighting & Cinematography

MDIA 306 Media Performance

MDIA 403 Multi-Camera Production

MDIA 405 Digital Filmmaking

Interactive Media Minor

The Interactive Media Minor gives students from all disciplines the essential knowledge and cutting edge skills in social media and technologies that are shaping commerce and culture in the 21st century.

Required Courses

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox

MDIA 210 Interactive Media I

Select three:

MDIA 201 Writing for Media

MDIA 310 Interactive Media II

MDIA 311 Media Theory: Com Revolution

MDIA 312 Participatory Media

MDIA 313 Convergent Media

MDIA 314 Concepts in Game Design

Cinema Studies Minor

The Cinema Studies Minor emphasizes the critical study of cinema as an art form, a business, a technology, a form of entertainment, and a cultural product that both reflects and shapes culture. It brings knowledge and concerns from various disciplines--such as history, literature, and philosophy--to bear on the critical study of domestic and international cinemas.

This minor complements majors in fields such as communication, theater, art, digital media, literature, history, or psychology, and deepens students' critical thinking and analytical skills. The minor advances the Marist tradition of enhancing students' appreciation and respect for ideological, cultural, and artistic diversity.

Required Courses

MDIA 120 Art of Film

MDIA 322 Film Theory and Criticism

Select three:

MDIA 323 Film & History

MDIA 324 Experimental Film & Video

MDIA 325 Documentary

MDIA 326 Race & Ethnicity in Film

MDIA 332 Current Issues in Film

MDIA 335 Gender & Media

MDIA 339 Film & Literature

MDIA 422 Topics in Global Cinema

FREN 305 Studies in French Film & Literature

SPAN 330 Themes in Spanish Cinema

SPAN 335 Theme in Latin American Cinema

PHIL 333 Philosophy & Film