Fashion Program

The Silver Needle Runway is the largest event production presented by Marist College. Since 1984, the show has continued to heighten levels of expertise, professionalism, and creativity. Produced entirely by students of the School of Communications and the Arts, the runway features garments designed and realized by our talented senior Fashion Design students in a professional runway setting. The presentation appropriately closes out the academic year with a community-wide celebration of the growth and achievements of the preceding months.

The Silver Needle Runway (SNR) fosters a positive and encouraging community that challenges its peers in a professional setting, uplifting the next generation of leaders in fashion and beyond. SNR fulfills an identity extending beyond fashion and continues to evolve as a laboratory of innovation. We look at our influence through the spheres of the Marist College, Hudson Valley, New York, the East Coast, the nation, and lastly, the world. View this year's SNR website below, or watch videos from previous SNR fashion shows.