Fashion Program

Fashion Design

B.F.A. Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design trains students to create apparel for various markets considering creative, technical, and cost factors. Students develop skills in design, textiles, draping and flat pattern making, garment construction, and computer-aided design. In their senior year, they design and execute an apparel collection under the guidance of a professional designer to be shown at the school's annual Silver Needle Runway Show.

Photo of student pinning clothes on mannequin


Photo of sewing room in Steel PlantThe Design major has been constructed to fully explore the critical elements of fashion design. Course offerings support all aspects of the design and construction process, as well as the application of fashion industry-specific technology and software. The curriculum balances the creative aspects of design concept, drawing, color and rendering, collection development, etc. with technical education in sewing, textiles, patternmaking and draping, and the application of fashion industry-relevant technology, including the newest industry computer software. The Steel Plant's high ceilings, exceptional light, and modern equipment enhance the suite of design studios.

Particular emphasis on critique of portfolios and design collections allows students to experience corrective criticism within the supportive environment of the Program, as well as under the guidance of industry professionals. Internships are also emphasized as a key to developing those skills necessary to prosper in the business world.

Photo of student working with mannequinThe combination of technical and creative design courses are augmented by an array of elective courses, including Couture Techniques, Knitwear Design, 3-D Printing, and many others. Short-term studies to Europe and Asia, and full semester abroad studies in London, Paris, Florence, and Hong Kong round out the students education.

Design majors are encouraged to pursue a minor in Fashion Merchandising or Product Development. These minors encourage a designer's development toward a more universal understanding of the fashion industry and nurture a strong competitive advantage in the employment market.

Students wishing to study fashion design @ Marist must submit a required design project of original work. Fashion Design Majors may pursue a minor in Fashion Merchandising or Product Development.

Marist Named Top Fashion School by Leading Industry Publication

The premier industry publication Business of Fashion released its Global Ranking of Fashion Schools for 2019. Marist Undergraduate Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising degrees received several Badges of Excellence, including Best Overall, Best in Learning Experience, and Best in Long-Term Value. 

Requirements for a B.F.A. in Fashion Design

Note: A minimum of 30 credits in Liberal Arts is required.

FASH 100 Fashion in Culture & Commerce 3 cr

FASH 130 Fashion Figure Drawing 1 cr

FASH 140 Fashion Design I: Drawing & Color* 3 cr

FASH 126 Creative Process 3 cr

FASH 200 Textiles: Studies & Applications 3 cr

FASH 210 Design Studio Techniques* 3 cr

FASH 230 Apparel Development I* 3 cr

FASH 231 Apparel Development II* 3 cr

FASH 235 Fashion Trend Forecasting & Analysis 3 cr

FASH 240 Fashion Design II: Presentation* 3 cr

FASH 245 Digital Fashion Design I 3 cr

FASH 268 Digital Fashion Design II 3 cr

FASH 300 Product Development 3 cr

FASH 310 Apparel Development III* 3 cr

FASH 345 Fashion Design III: Design Workshop* 3 cr

FASH 381 History of Modern Fashion 3 cr

FASH 400 Employment Seminar 1 cr

FASH 478 Fashion Design Capping I: Portfolio Development* 3 cr

FASH 479 Fashion Design Capping II: Collections I* 3 cr

FASH 480 Fashion Design Capping III: Collection II* 3 cr

Credit Requirement in Fashion Design 56 cr

Course Requirements in Related Fields

ART 160 History of Western Art I OR

ART 180 History of Western Art II* 3 cr

ART 281 History of Costume 3 cr

Credit Requirement in Related Fields 6 cr

Fashion Design students are strongly encouraged to take additional courses in Art History, particularly ART 366 History of 20th Century Art.

* Minimum grade of C required for: FASH 140, 210, 230, 231, 240, 310, 345, 478, 479, 480

Total Credit Requirement for a Major in Fashion Design 62 cr

Core/Liberal Studies Requirements


FYS 101 First Year Seminar 4 cr

ENG 120 Writing for College 3 cr


PHIL 101 Philosophical Perspectives 3 cr

Ethics, Applied Ethics, or Religious Studies 3 cr

Fine Arts 0 cr (fulfilled by major field req.)

History 3 cr

Literature 3 cr

Mathematics 3 cr

Natural Science 3 cr

Social Science 3 cr

Pathway* 12 cr

Courses addressing an interdisciplinary topic.

Total Core/Liberal Studies Requirement 40 cr

Electives 18 credits

Total Credit Requirement for Graduation 120 cr

* Breadth and Pathway courses may overlap, but all students must take a total of 36 distribution credits (including related field requirements). Students majoring in

Breadth areas may apply a maximum of 6 credits to their distribution total. If applicable to a Pathway, 3 credits may come from disciplines outside of Core Breadth areas. Although foreign language and culture courses are not required within the Core, some courses in these fields may be used to fulfill distribution requirements.

See the Core/LS Program website for a detailed list of all courses that satisfy distribution requirements.

Requirements for a Minor in Fashion Merchandising

Prerequisite: Permission of the Fashion Program Director

The Merchandising Minor provides a foundation in retailing, buying, or marketing.

Required Courses (3 credits each): 9 credits

FASH 100 Fashion in Culture & Commerce

FASH 265 Principles of Retailing

FASH 304 Merchandise Planning & Control

Select three courses (3 credits each) from the following menu: 9 credits

FASH 200 Textiles: Studies & Applications

FASH 245 Fashion Digital Design I

FASH 266 Writing for Fashion

FASH 235 Trend Forecasting

FASH 295 Fashion Show Production

FASH 306 Sustainability

FASH 315 Retail Entrepreneurship

FASH 355 Buying, Planning & Allocation

FASH 455 Global Merchandising Strategies

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Fashion Merchandising 18 cr

Requirements for a Minor in Product Development

Prerequisite: Permission of the Fashion Program Director

The Product Development Minor is available to Fashion Design or Merchandising Majors and provides a foundation in contemporary concepts of apparel industry product development, production, sourcing, branding, licensing, and product data management.

Required courses: (3 credits each) 9 credits

FASH 200 Textiles: Studies & Applications

FASH 318 Production & Sourcing in the Apparel Industry

FASH 300 Product Development

Select three courses (3 credits each) from the following list: 9 credits

FASH 267 Textile Design

FASH 325 Private Label Development

FASH 341 Fashion Branding & Licensing

FASH 370 Knitwear Design

FASH 415 Advanced Fashion PDM Software

FASH 455 Global Merchandising Strategies

Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Product Development 18 c