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Our counselors focus on providing individual attention within our highly selective admissions process. They always welcome your questions, so search for your counselor below. For general inquiries, call the Admission Office at (845) 575-3226 Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or email

Office of Admission at Marist College

Kent Rinehart BA '94, MBA '99 Kent Rinehart BA '94, MBA '99
Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Territories: Texas
Chris Doyle '03 Chris Doyle '03
Director of Admission
Territories: Boarding and Day Schools, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina
Joseph Giacalone'03, MPA '08


Joseph Giacalone'03, MPA '08
Executive Director, International Admission
Territories: International

Corinne Schell '83


Corinne Schell '83
Director, West Coast Recruitment
Territories: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

Jaclyn Fitzgerald '11


Jaclyn Fitzgerald '11 
Director, Transfer Admission

Kate Budzinski '10, MPA '13 Kate Budzinski '10, MPA '13
Senior Associate Director
Territories: Alaska, Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania
Julio A. Torres, Jr.  '01 Julio A. Torres, Jr.  '01
Senior Assistant Director & Coordinator of Multicultural Enrollment
Territories: Georgia, Idaho, Western Massachusetts, Nebraska, NY's Capital Region, Catskills, Central Hudson River Valley, Southern Tier East, and Western New York; North Dakota, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
Nicole Radassao '12, MA '16
Associate Director
Territories: Iowa, Indiana, New York (Westchester and Rockland Counties)

Alex Tom '14

Alex Tom '14, MPA '18
Associate Director, International Admission
Territories: International 
Milena Carrese '13, MA '18 Milena Carrese '13, MA '18
Senior Assistant Director
Territories: Connecticut, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota

Joe Colon '19
Joe Colon '19
Admission Counselor
Territories: Kansas, Kentucky, New York City, South Carolina, Tennessee
Gina Jadelis '18 Gina Jadelis '18
Admission Counselor
Territories: New Jersey
Kelli Nienstadt '19 Kelli Nienstadt '19
Admission Counselor
Territories: Missouri, Montana, Long Island, NY, West Virginia, Wyoming
Bridget Stillson '17 Bridget Stillson '17
Admission Counselor
Territories: Maine, Central and Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin
  Kimberly Burton
Regional Admission Representative
Territories: Northern California
Kelsey DeBatto '19 Kelsey DeBatto '19
Admission Representative

Jesse Mungin '11

Jesse Mungin '11
Regional Admissions Representative
Territories: Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.
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