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Summer Pre-College Admission

Italian Language in Italy

Due to Italian government regulations regarding students under the age of 18, we are unable to offer the Italy Summer Pre-College program in 2018. We are exploring our options for 2019 and beyond. This regulation does not impact students over the age of 18 in Marist's four-year degree programs or the Freshman Florence Experience. Please contact the Marist Admission Office with questions at

Communication through language is at the core of human experience, and the study of a foreign language provides a powerful key to successful interaction. The ability to communicate efficiently and sensitively in another language with people of different cultural backgrounds can only enhance one’s professional advancement in any career.

The Marist Summer Italian Pre-College Program - offered in partnership with Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici - is designed for talented high school students who are interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of Italian language and culture. By the end of this course, students should be able to complete simple and routine tasks requiring an exchange of information on familiar and routine matters, to describe his/her background, immediate environment and matters related to areas relevant to everyday life. All of the four main language abilities -understanding, speaking, reading, and writing- are gradually developed. In this level, listening and speaking skills are stressed. These language patterns will be taught within a cultural context that will help students to become familiar with some of the most significant elements of Italian cultural life.

Program Goals

  • Increased understanding and knowledge of the Italian Language and culture
  • Improve understanding, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Development of a substantial portfolio of work for the college application process