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Marist Army ROTC in NY: At a Glance

What is ROTC?

Photo of ROTC student exerciseThe Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is the largest program within the military responsible for commissioning new officers. Through almost 275 programs across the United States throughout numerous major universities, ROTC produces 60% of the second lieutenants within the Army.

Throughout their experience in ROTC, cadets are enrolled in military science courses which help develop leadership skills applicable to both military and civilian settings. Cadets can go on to serve entire careers in the military, or translate their military leadership ability into civilian occupations after their service obligation.

The Marist College ROTC program has been commissioning officers into the Army since 2006, and Marist cadets have gone to serve in a wide array of jobs as officers, such as Ranger qualified infantrymen, pilots, and Army lawyers.

To learn more about the overall ROTC program, visit the US Army Cadet Command’s website.

Marist Army ROTC

Military Science is a course of study that is independent of an undergraduate’s major or the school the student attends. The program teaches cadets the leadership skills and knowledge they will need to be commissioned as officers in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.. The four components of the ROTC Program are classroom instruction, leadership labs, field training exercises, and physical fitness training.

Video courtesy of Chris McNamara