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School of Science

"The students are what I love the most about Marist. They are involved in every aspect of my research, especially the hands-on lab work that is at the heart of what we do. I enjoy the process of training and mentoring students in the lab with the ultimate goal of making new discoveries that we can present and publish." - Dr. Jocelyn Nadeau, Associate Professor of Chemistry

School of Science

The School of Science combines scientific principles with practice through the application of knowledge, scientific literacy, and research.  Students interested in the natural, physical, and health sciences have access to top facilities, as well as opportunities for internships, clinical rotations, and hands-on research. Working with dedicated faculty members, students gain the skills required to obtain prestigious awards, placement in top graduate schools, or careers in leading companies.  

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Message from the Dean

At Marist’s School of Science, we’re proud to prepare students for successful careers in the natural, physical, and health sciences.  Students in the School benefit from both world-class laboratories and facilities and small class sizes. The School’s outstanding faculty places a strong emphasis on getting to know students as individuals and collaborating with them on scientific research, whether it’s on campus, around the country, or even abroad.


Dr. Alicia Slater, Dean