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School of Liberal Arts

"At Marist, contact with professors deepened my understanding of academics and professional situations. Mold your interests into career opportunities. Seek out a mentor. Get to know people, and knock on doors!" --Christi Sheehan '12, Associate Publicist, Random House (English major, music minor)
About the School of Liberal Arts

About the School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts empowers students to function as creative thinkers, skilled writers, and innovative problem-solvers. Student are encouraged  to take advantage of the College's wide range of offerings in the humanities, social sciences, and pre-professional fields in order to shape a career, and a life, that is both challenging and satisfying. Through endless curiosity, hard work, and strategic planning, students prepare themselves to make a difference in the world beyond Marist.

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A Message from the Dean

When students and their families visit the College, I often suggest that the best way to understand the liberal arts at Marist is to take a walk around Fontaine Hall, the award-winning building that houses our school. 

Dr. Martin Shaffer, Dean