Information Technology

Order Form

Welcome to the new electronic order form for copy orders at the Digital Publications Center(DPC).

The fullest features of this order form are currently limited to users who have Acrobat "Full Version". To use this order form, first you must confirm that your system's settings are correct. From the "Start" button, go to "Settings" then in your "Control Panel," click on "Internet Options" then on the "Programs" tab. Point the E-mail option to "Lotus Notes".

With Full Version Acrobat open, the completed order form can be sent to the DPC via e-mail by pushing the "Submit" button. An attachment can be sent with the order by using the e-mail dialogue screen that opens after the "Submit" button is pushed. To attach a file, your cursor must be in the message part of the e-mail. Go to "File" then "Attach" as usual. Save a copy of your order by printing it. The form can be cleared in Acrobat by pushing the "Reset" button.

Customers who only have Acrobat Reader have limited use of this form. It can be opened and filled-out, then printed on your local work-group printer and mailed through the inter-office mail to the Digital Publications Center. E-mailing and saving the order form are not options with Acrobat Reader. Please note that the "Submit" button, though visible, will not function.

Order Form PDF