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School of Communication and the Arts

Summer Pre-College

Earn college credit and get a taste of campus life while still in high school. The Marist Summer Pre-College program allows high school students to experience the excitement of college life at one of the top rated Colleges and Universities in the country! The School of Communication and the Arts offers four unique Pre-College courses in their field.

Film and TV Production ProgramIf you love movies and videos, then Marist College's Summer Pre-College Program in Film and TV Production is a great place to take your cinematic passion and skills to the next level. This pre-college program is for students of all experience levels who possess a strong interest in telling stories for the screen. If you love to make your own short videos with friends, why not learn how production works on a more serious and professional level?

Fashion Design: Do you have what it takes to become a fashion designer?  Are you interested in pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry?  The Marist Summer Pre-College Program in Fashion Design provides you with an opportunity experience some of the exciting elements of fashion design while attending an intensive thirteen-day program on the beautiful Marist College campus.  Upon completion of the course, high school students will receive three college credits along with the opportunity to explore the exciting world of fashion design.

Fashion MerchandisingThe Marist College Fashion Merchandising Summer Pre-College Program provides you with an opportunity to “try on” some of the exciting elements of the fashion business while attending an intensive thirteen-day program on the beautiful Marist College campus.  Students will explore the planning, procurement and marketing aspects of the fashion business.  They will learn to research target markets, analyze business results and develop strategies that effectively meet the needs of consumers.

Game Design: If you enjoy video games, why not design and create your own? You won't have to fuss with archaic programming languages. Instead, you'll use state-of-the-art game-maker software that is both straightforward and yet is expansive and powerful. Students begin creating games, simple ones initially then increasingly sophisticated ones later. You'll learn how to create, test, and debug different types of exciting games such as scrolling shooters, maze games, platform games, and 3D parallax games. With this modern, user-friendly approach, in seemingly no time, you'll be well on your way to making real, viable video games.

Sports Communication:  Marist is one of the only schools in the country to offer dedicated degree in sports communication. Spend two weeks with our talented and experienced faculty to explore topics such as story development from idea to press, the role of sports marketing, and the impact of sports media on society. Students will get hands-on experience with sports reporting and have a chance to ask questions of and interact with sports media professionals who are happy to share their experiences.