Music Program

Music Program

The Music Program cultivates music literacy, musicianship, individual creativity, and engaged citizenship through challenging learning experiences, diverse performance opportunities, and a commitment to providing music to both the campus community and many local organizations. In keeping with the Marist mission, the Music Program encourages students to share their love of music with those in need, creating a lifelong opportunity for creative expression and commitment to community.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will attain basic music literacy.
  • Students will have a foundational knowledge in cultural contexts of music.
  • Students will demonstrate musicianship through their ability to interpret and perform a wide range of musical genres.
  • Students will demonstrate commitment to community by participating in performances in support of many organizations.

Under the guidance of Arthur B. Himmelberger, Director of Music, the various instrumental and vocal performance ensembles have become the backbone of the Marist College Music Program. The program has grown tremendously over the past few years and is the residence for a 'family' of about 400 students. The young men and women who comprise this family pursue their love for music through the achievement of musical excellence while performing on the Marist campus as well as throughout the greater Hudson River Valley, New York State, the nation, and abroad.

Each Marist student can participate in several of the 19 performing ensembles and take a variety of courses offered in music theory and music history. We also offer courses ranging in interest from applied voice and instrumental studies, to researching the lives and works of renowned composers. The Marist music student experiences an environment of individual care and attention that is conducive to personal growth. These nurtured skills contribute to the musical vitality of the College and remain with the student, to be used and enjoyed throughout their lives.


The Nelly Goletti Music Collection

Throughout her distinguished career Nelly Goletti continued to innovate, first at the Paris Conservatory then as a prolific composer and headlining entertainer throughout Europe. On this side of the Atlantic, she was a prominent performer in television's early days and a sought-after talent by the Hollywood film industry. The work of a lifetime is now preserved at Marist in The Nelly Goletti Music Collection. Encompassing more than 300 musical compositions, the collection also includes materials which interpret Miss Goletti's career and many achievements. In the years to come, use of Miss Goletti's work by Marist students and faculty will help insure the meaningful remembrance of this uniquely talented woman.

Music scholars and performers interested in using the resources of this collection may do so by contacting the Music Director.