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Department of Communication

Communication Studies

B.A. Communication, Communication Studies concentration

The Communication Studies concentration is designed to provide students with pragmatic preparation for the dynamics of human interaction. Upon completion of the concentration, students should have knowledge of how organizations and groups function communicatively, how to facilitate these functions, as well as understanding human interaction across a variety of contexts. Students gain valuable experience in advanced public communication techniques as well as develop a greater understanding of their own communicative practices. Finally, this concentration allows students to begin understanding how traditional communication contexts are changing with the introduction of communicative technology.

Communication Foundation Courses (12 credits)

The communication major is required to take four foundation courses. These courses will be taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The courses are:

COM 102 Introduction to Communication 3 cr

COM 103 Digital Toolbox 3 cr

COM 101 Public Presentations 3 cr

COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods 3 cr

Communication Studies Concentration (18 credits)

COM 203 Interpersonal Communication

COM 301 Small Group Communication

COM 302 Persuasion

COM 325 Intercultural Communication

COM 420 Advanced Public Presentations

COM 425 Communication Theory

For more information, please visit the Communication Studies Course Requirements page or view the expanded course descriptions pdf icon