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Undergraduate Admission

  • Pass/Fail grading scales: We recognize Marist applicants will have P/F grades for the next four admission cycles and we are prepared to review students holistically and with great compassion, as always.
  • Changes to AP and IB exams: Our current AP credit policy will still stand, despite the College Board's recent announcement. IB scoring policies will also remain in place. However, student success is paramount at Marist, so there may be cases where the subject matter is deemed critical and a prerequisite for additional coursework and the credit would be accepted as elective credit. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with student knowledge and preparation the biggest driver in our decision.
  • SAT and ACT exams: Marist is, and has been for some time, a test-optional institution. Students who do not wish to submit test scores to us will not be penalized, and do not need to complete additional requirements to complete their application. Test-optional candidates are reviewed equally for admission and for merit scholarships.
  • Demonstrated interest: We certainly understand the challenge of crafting a college list without visiting a campus or hearing from our representatives on the road. However, our staff is as ready and available to assist you and your students as they were before! We're offering multiple virtual events each day, students are still able to call, email, or text our office with any questions, and we still are hopeful we can run our summer events and pre-college programs. Staff are available for individual appointments as well.