Summer Pre-College: Criminal Justice

Summer Pre-College: Criminal Justice

In-Person Session II: July 9 - 22, 2023

Is it really possible to have a safe and orderly society and protect individual rights and freedom? Does the court system provide equal justice for everyone? Can the police really keep our streets safe? If you find yourself drawn to watching Law and Order, CSI, or Boston Legal then you will find the Pre-College Program, Introduction to Criminal Justice, a dynamic way to get to the bottom of these questions and at the truth behind the television dramas.

Come study at Marist this summer and open the doors to the diverse and complex world of criminal justice. It all starts with policing where the law is honored and protected. Our court processes determine if and what punishment is warranted. A diverse system of corrections carries out the courts' sanctions. While exploring these topics students will have the opportunity to meet with Marist graduates who are now professionals in different areas of the criminal justice system. We will have guest speakers from different law enforcement fields such as local and state police, county courts, correctional facilities, and federal agencies.  This course will introduce you to many career opportunities in criminal justice. Even more importantly this course will strengthen your participation as an informed citizen in our society who knows their personal rights and responsibilities to maintain a just and orderly society.


Welcome to Marist

Marist College is a highly selective and comprehensive institution noted for its leadership in combining a liberal arts foundation with a professional education. When prospective students visit Marist–our beautiful location on the Hudson River, top-notch facilities, the personal attention and expertise of our faculty, and the sheer enjoyment of their experience here–they want to join our community. At Marist, students get a premium education, develop career-ready skills, make lifelong friends, and graduate as the next generation of leaders ready to tackle a rapidly evolving world.

Criminal Justice Program goals:

  • Learn about the broad and diverse field of Criminal Justice
  • Develop an individual specialty project for deeper study
  • Meet professionals in all areas of Criminal Justice
  • Attend sessions on-site at local, state, and federal agencies
  • Begin your own network of peer and professional connections 

Earn College Credits Over the Summer

Marist Summer Pre-College is geared toward sophomores and juniors in high school. Upon successful completion of this course students will earn three credits for the Marist College course CRJU 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice which is the prerequisite for all other courses in the Criminal Justice major at Marist and in many programs at other colleges.

Program Cost

Please see below for the 2023 Pre-College program costs. Cost includes tuition & fees, housing & all meals, field trips, and all course materials. Cost does not include travel expenses. Students may wish to bring funds for incidentals, shopping at the Marist Bookstore or the local mall, souvenirs, and any personal items they wish to purchase.