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Interested in earning your degree online? Try Marist's iLearn course system.

Earning Your Degree Online is Easy with Marist

If you're interested in taking an online class or earning your degree online, Marist offers a simple, clear and easy way to try our iLearn Course System, for free.

Want to know more about iLearn, the online learning platform Marist uses for its online courses, and adult undergraduate and graduate degree programs? Get ready to take the "Touch the Technology" (T3 for short) tour! This interactive demonstration is designed for the Marist iLearn newcomer or to those unfamiliar with online course delivery systems. The T3 experience allows you to see first-hand just how easy, and fun, it can be to use iLearn. Watch a short Online Learning @Marist video, and then click on the image above to get started. You'll be taken directly to the iLearn online course system. 

*In addition to the T3 tour, all accepted and enrolled online graduate students also receive a comprehensive training session from the Marist College Office of Digital Education prior to the start of their online courses.


Touch the Technology at Marist


Simple. Clear. Easy. T3.

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