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Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.


Undergraduate Admissions



(845) 575 - 3839

Jesse Mungin

Regional Admissions Representative


Educational Background:

B.A., Criminal Justice, minor in Psychology - Marist College, 2011
Currently pursuing M.S. in Information Systems - Marist College

What were you involved with on campus as a student?

I worked for the Student Activities office setting up events all over campus, including some of the school productions and concerts. I was also involved in the Black Student Union, ARCO, Dance Ensemble, and intramural basketball, football, dodgeball.

Favorite spot on campus: 

The patio behind Hancock Center. It is a beautiful, quiet area right near an on-campus Starbucks location.

Favorite Marist tradition:

Foxfest/Riverfest- every year we host a carnival of sorts on campus and it a chance for everyone to have a lot of fun and to relax a bit before the end of the semester.

Best advice for the college search:

Visit campuses before you apply. You think you want to go to a certain school, or that you know you want a certain size or location. That all sounds great in theory, but you really never know until you are there! I wanted to go to large schools (40,000+), until I visited a few. I even had a friend who decided to go to school in New York up near Canada and had never visited. Her family drove all the way up on move-in day and she immediately asked them to take her back home!

Why did you choose Marist?

I chose Marist because of the opportunities - Marist allowed me the flexibility to figure out what I wanted to do. I came in as a biology major wanting to become a veterinarian, while also having an interest in computer science, criminal justice, and psychology (and even philosophy once I started to take classes)! They also say you should listen to your parents because they know best - my mom knew I would pick Marist from the start, and of course, she was right!

What makes Marist special to you?

The community at Marist is so very special to me. Friends that last a lifetime - from classmates to faculty and staff who have become friends. I had mentorship when I didn’t think I needed it that shaped me. When I left my home and family, I never expected to find a new home and friends that I considered family in 4 years, and that is what I have now.