Faculty and Staff

Marist Money Benefits

  • No need to have cash on hand
  • Spread the deductions out over several pay periods
  • Track purchases
  • Marist Money never expires until you wish to terminate the plan
  • Your Campus Card has no bank fees
  • Check your balance online
  • Lost cards do not mean lost cash, just call Marist Card Services to deactivate the card
  • Faculty and staff are eligible for discounts or specials when using their Marist ID Card at selected merchants

Payroll Deduction

Who can do it:

Faculty, staff, and student employees.

How to do it:

Fill out a payroll deduction form at https://www.marist.edu/payroll/formsschedules.html in order to have deductions start for the next payroll period. You may authorize a one time payment deduction or specify an amount per pay period.

You can pay cash, check, or credit card to have the Marist Money start right away until the payroll deductions begin.

Stop by the Card Services office in DN241 or call extension 3550.

Take advantage of the on and off campus merchants. A list of merchants can be found on the Marist Money web site http://www.marist.edu/maristmoney/vendors.html.

All purchases at off-campus merchants using Marist Money generate a commission to the College based on each individual merchant's total sales. Do your part to help with this campus-wide effort!

Checking your Marist Money Balance:

You can check your card balance here: http://www.marist.edu/maristmoney/statement.html

* Payroll deduction and participation in this program is voluntary.

Making a Deposit:

Setting up an account is easy. All that is needed is a valid Marist College ID Card. There is only a minimum deposit fee of $25.00 to open an account when using a credit card. Come to Donnelly 241, call ext. 3550, or you can go to our website to add money to you ID card online securely here: https://card.marist.edu/oneweb/parental/logon