Mathematics B.A.

Marist College School of Computer Science and MathThe mathematics program teaches students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied within the discipline of mathematics and to a wide variety of other areas. It provides students with a broad understanding of the field of mathematics and its diverse applications. The latest technologies have been incorporated into the curriculum. The program also traces the historical developments of mathematics. Students majoring in mathematics can pursue a secondary school provisional teaching certification.

The first two years of the mathematics program include a four-credit calculus sequence, linear algebra, and a recently introduced course in Mathematical Reasoning. Basic mathematical proof techniques and subject material needed for upper level mathematics courses are taught in the Reasoning course. Upper level courses provide students opportunities for both a broad introduction to higher level mathematics as well as in depth study of selected areas.

In addition, we recognize our responsibilities to the community we serve, and strive to provide opportunity for continuing education at many levels through certificate and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Sensitivity to the non-traditional student is reflected in our scheduling and mode of delivery as well as in the content of our courses.

The department has the further commitment to maintain a quality program consistent with the overall mission of the College and the ever-changing demands of the profession. For more information please refer to the Mathematics Department Home Page.

Some of the Careers Available to Graduates of this Program

Senior Technician
Operations Research Analyst