Requirements For Minor In Music

Our Music Minor program has been developed in a manner so that it is very compatible with the many fine Major programs offered at Marist. If a student genuinely loves music, then the declaration of a Music Minor simply makes sense.

The Music Minor requires students to take twenty-one credits from a variety of course offerings that include music theory, applied music, and music history. Applied music takes the form of large ensembles, small group classes, and private lessons that develop the student's vocal and instrumental skills. Music Theory courses range from basic sight-reading (for students who do not yet read music) to advanced harmony and music arranging courses. Music History courses include the study of Opera, Jazz, Musical Theater, Popular Music, Bands in America, as well as courses that focus on a specific time period and/or on individual composers.

Note: Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Following are the requirements for the most recent catalog.

Music Minor

Students who have declared their major in a prior year should consult the appropriate catalog.