Adult Undergraduate Scholarships

Endowed Adult Undergraduate Scholarships

Anthony Kondysar Scholarship:
Named in honor of one of Marist's most loyal graduates, who was an adult student himself and a well-respected businessman in his industry and community, the Anthony J. Kondysar ’69 Memorial Scholarship for Adult Students is awarded to adult undergraduate students who share Tony Kondysar's determination to achieve a bachelor's degree, but need financial assistance to complete their education. Candidates must have documented financial need and should submit an application, including a brief letter about their goals, to the Office of Student Financial Services. Priority is given to students who have a minimum of 60 credits and show a strong commitment to completing their degrees within three to five years. The scholarship may be renewed, as long as a recipient continues to meet these criteria and remains in good academic standing. Each spring, the College offices responsible for admitting adult undergraduates and administering financial aid to adult students will confer as to the priority for awards in the coming year.

Harold and Anne Miller Scholarship:
Named for lifelong Poughkeepsie residents with a deep commitment to helping adults improve their lives through education, Harold and Anne Miller Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in Marist's adult undergraduate program. Applicants must have a strong commitment to completing their degrees within three to five years. Candidates must have documented financial need and have completed a minimum of 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree. Preference is given to full-time students but part-time students are eligible. Scholarship awards may be renewed as long as the recipients continue to meet these criteria and remain in good academic standing.

Marguerite Feinstein Scholarship:
Established in memory of Marguerite Feinstein, a labor union leader in the State of New York who earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marist College, the Marguerite Feinstein '74 Memorial Scholarship provides assistance to a working mother enrolled as an adult undergraduate student. Financial need is a criterion, and the award is made by recommendation of Student Financial Services after the review of applications.

Marist College Adult Undergraduate Scholarships

Academic Merit
General Eligibility
 Amount Awardable
Scholarship for Academic Excellence 3.0 GPA
60+ transferable credits
Full-time study (12-15 credits)
Adult Learner Scholarship
2.5 GPA
60+ transferable credits
Full-time study (12-15 credits)
Adult Learner Scholarship
2.5 GPA
60+ transferable credits
Part-time study (6-11 credits)

Scholarship awards are made at the discretion of the scholarship committee.
General eligibility requirements for a scholarship do not guarantee admission.

Awards are determined upon acceptance into an adult undergraduate program based on the applicant's cumulative GPA. No more than one scholarship will be awarded to each student.

Award recipients must maintain at 3.0 GPA and maintain good academic standing in their program to remain eligible. The Award cannot be used toward courses taken at other institutions.

Financial need is not required to be eligible for merit scholarships.

Applicants classified in any of the following categories will not be eligible:

  1. Receiving other scholarship assistance through Marist College
  2. Participating in the following programs: Organizational Leadership and Communication (OLC), Social Work degree completion program, Psychology degree completion program, and Weekend Paralegal Certificate as these programs carry a discounted tuition rate
  3. International applicants
  4. Students receiving special tuition pricing through organizational partnerships

If you would like more information, please contact the office of Adult Undergraduate Admission. Information about additional scholarships, loans, and tuition assistance programs can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

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