Behavioral Studies Bachelor's Degree Concentration

Earn Your Degree With a Behavioral Studies Concentration

The Professional Studies degree with Behavioral Studies provides students the ability to learn how to organize, analyze and interpret data while gaining an understanding of what makes people do certain things, explore theories and apply principles to real-world career environments - a very marketable skill in a wide range of occupational settings in human services, community organization, or government,

Behavioral Studies encompasses the areas of Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice and includes coursework in Child, Personality, Adolescent Development, and Introduction to Social Work and Sociology,  to name a few.

The Professional Studies degree with Behavioral Studies can also be completed in an on-campus or hybrid format.  Reduced tuition, prior learning, and generous transfer credit options apply. Learners can apply both previous college level education and prior service or professional experience to transfer-in to the program.

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