Roger Norton

Associate Professor and Dean, School of Computer Science & Mathematics

Roger Norton

B.Sc. (mathematics) , University of Massachusetts, Amherst;
M.S., Ph.D. candidate (mathematics) Brandeis University;
M.Phil., Ph.D. (computer science) , Syracuse University.

Dr. Norton has previously held the position of Director of the Center for Mental Health Management Information Systems where he was responsible for the design, installation, and administration of numerous Local Area Networks for various New York State and County Mental Health organizations. He is the owner of RCBK Computer Services were he has provided consulting services in Distributed Systems and Networking to the New York State Department of Mental Health, British Columbia Workmen's Compensation Board, Calvin Klein, ARCO, and other organizations.

Dr. Norton is a Novell Certified NetWare Administrator and Certified NetWare Engineer. He is also certified in Connect:Remote for NT and OS2.

During a sabbatical, he developed an object-oriented CASE tool for the IBM Corporation . Dr. Norton's areas of interest include semantics of programming languages, the object-oriented programming paradigm, and distributed computing. Currently, he is developing a categorical model for describing constructs within an object-oriented programming language.

Dr. Norton is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.